WEE WEE WHEELCHAIR Products presents; -  Hidden snap on/off portable Toilet Seat!
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In the USA we have over 3.3 million 
wheelchair users, also 43 million disabled, add another 10,000 Spinal Cord injuries each year. Many physically challenged people are in urgent need for an unseen portable travel snap on/off toilet that will fit their own standard wheelchair or transport chair.
Yes, The Freedom Seat is the only unseen on/off travel wheelchair bathroom seat on the market today that will do that, it also serves as bedside commode at night. Wow, now the user can go camping with the kids, or long rides in car, shopping, visiting Doctors, seeing friends, with no more embarrassing bathroom accidents, or wet clothes.  

Bruce MacKenzie is the inventor of the Freedom Seat, He has a a Utility Patent # US 9,510,984 B1, his story is on the next page check about us. Contact cell 281 761-9637
This is the Freedom Seat it fits on top of standard wheelchairs, has a pull up waste bags, slide and hide all waste cover, and snaps on or off for cleaning.  

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