WEE WEE WHEELCHAIR Products presents; -  Hidden snap on/off portable Toilet Seat!
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In the USA we have over 3.3 million 
wheelchair users, also 43 million disabled,10,000 Spinal Cord injuries each year not forgetting the millions in medical care services who urgently need this relief seat.

Now we can give the physically challenged a choice to have an unseen portable travel snap on/off toilet. It will fit their own standard Wheelchair or Transport Seat.

Great for emergency use like in storms, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and when no bathrooms are around. 
Yes, The Freedom Relief Seat this is the only unseen on/off travel wheelchair bathroom seat soon to be on the market, it also will serve as bedside commode at night. Wow, now the user can even go camping with the kids, or long rides in car, shopping, visiting Doctors, seeing friends, with no more fear of bathroom accidents, or sitting for hours in dirty diapers or wet smelly clothes waiting for help to come, now help is always under them.  The Freedom Relief Seat is a self-service product but if it is needed help can be used, pending Medical conditions.

Yes our Freedom Relief Seat    has a pull up disposable waste bags system, a slide and hide  roll up and down waste cover on top, has a self-service slide out drawer in front when needed. Yes it has a odor blocker add on, also a padded seat cushion a special order. Best of all it's completely washable.

Bruce MacKenzie is the inventor of the Freedom Relief Seat see his story on next page. He has a Utility Patent good for 20 years (#US 9,510,984 B1) Contact questions leave name and number to (713) 931-3728 thank you.

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