WEE WEE WHEELCHAIR Products presents; -  Hidden snap on/off portable Toilet Seat!

Hello, my name is Bruce Mackenzie the the inventor of The Freedom Seat I did this for my wife Connie pictured next to me who lost a leg to Bone Cancer. For 16 years I had to personally lift her on and off toilets, to do this out in public was next to impossible and the stress was getting to both of us. Connie in tears she said, "I wish I had a wheelchair with a hidden toilet on it that I could use anywhere with out the use of extra help". Her wish came true, we now have The Freedom Seat. See my video on home page.

Who urgently needs this great product;

  Hospitals,  Assisted Living, Transport Aids, Home Care Providers and most of all the Physically Challenged.

What some professionals said who look at the Freedom Seat

Dr. B. Williams in Cleveland Texas said " It's about time for this product it's long overdue" 
A home Care professional, said" I got ten people who need this now"
A Medical Supply company got excited and said" This item will fly off my shelves"
One lady in a Nursing Home, Mrs Seal of Cleveland Texas saw it and said "If I had this product I would no longer be a prisoner of my bed".
We have many others who are excited about the Freedom Seat and what it will do for them.

The Freedom Sea It not on the retail market yet, but thousands do urgently need the benefits it offers. we are getting lots of interest in our new product, we don't sell wheelchairs, but we manufacture the Freedom Seat, get on the list to sell this great product and get listed as one of our suppliers on our Web then you can bring more customers to your business. 

 Would you like to help change lives for the better.

 Want to be part of this exciting product register on the  e mail me at bmackenzie4747@gmail to learn more.

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